Curmudgeon Group

Welcome to Curmudgeon Group, a creative strategy and production company specializing in the ideation, storytelling, and strategic planning of experience driven impact branded campaigns.  

We produce purpose by crafting stories and connected experiences that result in measurable impact.  


c u r · m u d g · e o n




driven by purpose

We are a creative agency driven by purpose, and the belief that your vision makes the world a more fruitful place. 


advancing change

Our approach to creative strategy is a catalyst to advancing change in ourselves, in our communities, and in the world.

brand story

With a sense of imagination, humor, and an open mind, we create stories that connect and inspire brands and communities to grow together.  


content creation

We come together to create content in optimal environments where ideas, people, and business thrive as one. 


We emphasize strategic and environmental transparency through cause marketing and strategic partnerships, tracking every stage of impact.  


investing in passion

Our passion for experiential marketing is matched by our desire to take creative risks, to think outside the box, and to ask all the "wrong questions." 

cultivating partnership

We thrive on strategic partnerships and collaboration - discovering what new people can bring to the table.  


producing purpose  
it means we love what we do

Experiential Marketing

Creative Strategy

Cause Marketing

Ideation + Concept Design

Brand Activation

Content Creation

Public Relations


Copy Editing

Branded Content

Performing Arts

Project Management

Integrated Marketing


"a curmudgeon is anything, and everything, you want to be."