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“My firm has had the pleasure of working with Josie and Curmudgeon Group on several prominent projects in Chicago over the past 4 years.  Her ingenuity and efficiency in executing production timelines is without peer [...] With more than 20 years of Public Relations practice, I seldom come across an individual who possesses the range of skills and innate creativity, ambition, leadership, and communication skills that Josie does.  She is truly exceptional in her field.”

Jennifer Gordon, Owner, Jennifer Gordon Public Relations


“Josie Davis has shared her time and talent with the World Wildlife Fund for the past three years [...] With a handful of other powerful partnerships, Josie was able to provide a stellar experience for Chicagoans to journey through the rainforest without leaving the city.  Josie is a self-starter and eminently adaptable.  She understands how to take the necessary steps, sometimes over years, to execute large-scale productions.”

Grant Gilbert, Senior Director, Central Region, WWF


“With the recent execution of Fantasmagorie, Josie led her team by focusing on the big picture while manipulating the moving parts of a highly complex, multi-media campaign.  From developing creative content to on-site logistics and marketing strategy, Josie spearheaded one of Chicago’s most educational and inventive impact campaigns from start to finish.”

Gatz Optimize


“I have had the pleasure of knowing Josie for several years.  I am continually impressed by Josie’s creativity, communication skills and professionalism.  Josie is a positive force who is able to imagine, create, build, and marshal the resources required to get the job done.  At the same time, she has a way of leaving people more energized than before they met.”

Bob Ryan, Executive Coach, Shields Meneley Partners


“As a composer, I have worked on a wide range of projects in film, television, advertising and theater [...] I can say with all honesty that the music I composed with Curmudgeon Group is the work I am proudest of in my career to date, and this is completely due to Josie’s vision and direction.”

Arlen Hart, Composer


"Chicago Park District’s Department of Culture, Arts & Nature was honored to collaborate with Ms. Davis [...] she is the embodiment of a skillful, professional, thoughtful, good-humored, self-sufficient, responsible partner.  I can only say you will be pleasantly surprised and more than satisfied with her energy and work!”

Carla Mayer, Formerly Arts & Culture Manager, Chicago Park District